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How do I pay for a hack ?

In order to purchase a hack you need to navigate to the corresponding website of the hack you wish to purchase. All hacks are sold on a subscription (time) basis. You will need to register to or if you don't like to - contact the responsable vendor personaly. However in order to get access to the support board with lots of usefull information and updates, a nC account is strongly recommended. After you logged into, you will be able to sign up for a hacks subscription. You will find the link in your user panel under Paid Subscriptions. Please follow the instructions in order to process the payment. Moneybookers/Paypal will automatically redirect you back to netCoders. If you prefer to pay thru PaySafecard, you need to contact the responsable vendor..

How do I receive my hack ?

After payment, you should have instant access to the private area (if not, verify that your payment was fully processed: bank wire transfer can take up to 5-7 business days). Take you time and read the sticky posts and support threads. You will find any information aswell as the downloads over there. If you have any issues with usergroup status (not beeing customer although paid) please open a support ticket.

Pending eCheques and open payments ?

If you have paid but your payment is pending (eCheque not cleared, Credit Card payment not approved, bank wire transfer not complete) then you will need to wait until it has cleared before you can recieve the hacks. This usually takes 5 days or so, be patient and wait..

What about refunds ?

Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances, and we are very reluctant about giving them. You will need to prove, by your own means, that the hack does not work on your computer. This, in itself, is a difficult but if the responsable vendor is satisfied that you have proven it then he will consider a full refund.

If I don't have the full amount of money now, can I pay later ?

No, the full amount has to be paid at once.

Can I get a discount ?

Short answer: No. There is only one exception, in case you clan is going to purchase multiple copies (3+) at the same time. You need to talk with the vendor for a reduced price then.

What is that price in my currency ?

Google for current currency exchange rates.

Im underaged and I do not own a credit card! What can I do ?

Use prepaid cards to purchase (Paysafecard) or ask someone to purchase for you (friend, parents). However make sure the payment is authorized. Any chargeback or fraud will invalidate your license instantly, and the hack will stop operating.