Ok so i saw this place had a bot for ut2017 which to be honest, i don't really want released to a lot of people any way because people are messing up the game and its dying as it is but there are a few players who i caught wallhacking with the wallhack i made myself. i don't feel good enough to evolve it into a full aimbot even though i found a site with all the trajectory equations i need i really just don't feel like doing this right now.

um i saw a thread where someone i think king-orgy released a ut2017 bot for "any members" so i went and purchased a membership and what happened was, when i went to the download portal, there were a lot of hacks available but not the one i wanted or the one that this poster acted like was available.. i never did the chargeback so i feel like maybe you can toss it to me or at least give me a response? it would be awefully decent of you.

you can also hit me up if you'd like to talk about coding or some shit. i've worked on a lot of interesting shit but i just don't have the patience for programming right now, having to debug just puts me in a really rotten mood and i can't right now. i have to quit cigarettes because i found out some messed up shit and these fags who have more practice with the wallhack than i do are so obviously wallhacking their ass off so after 20 years of experience i think its fair that i have a mechanism to defend myself while i play johnny rebel music into the mic =p