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Thread: Testimonial by Paradox

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    Default Testimonial by Paradox

    I have to say, this is by far the best call of duty 4 cheat I ever used...
    It has a perfect aimbot, it's fully customizable for humanized looking aimbot for competitive playing, only prediction it is sometimes off, but easy to fix by the multiple predictions in the menu.
    It has perfect visuals, nice chams and a fully customizable esp.
    It has a few extra features as auto-vote that really comes in handy when the server has allowed voting.
    Auto-Throw back is really nice, because nowadays more and more often people tend to do spectator-grenades.

    Only things missing in this hack is a No-Spread feature, works pretty much the same as No-Recoil only it doesn't require you to aim in sight instead it has a 100% accurate hip-fire.
    Another feature that I miss is an auto-predict, It'll calculate the prediction automatically.

    Overall this is a great hack.
    If you love raging like me, this is the place you should be!
    Score I'd give to the hack is a solid 8.

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