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Thread: nC subdomains and webspace!

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    Red face nC subdomains and webspace!

    If you want some webspace to host your game related stuff for example, let me know. This comes with a subdomain like free of charge. However do not host illegal content there. We will delete it.
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    I received some feedback on this. Here are some FAQs:

    Q: Who is eligible to apply for the free webspace?
    A: Anybody registered at nC.

    Q: Are there any limitations?
    A: By default, scripting (ASP, PHP, CGI etc) and databases access is disabled. If you can provide reason and ensure security, it can be enabled for you. There is no traffic or HDD limitation.

    Q: What should I do with it?
    A: Host your personal files, movies, game related stuff, scripts & config's, tutorials or create a homepage/blog. Unless its illegal, you can do whatever you want.

    Q: Is there a potential risk to nC's security?
    A: Absolutely no! Everything is strictly separated running in different applications pools. The Auth server is on an external server. Backups are taken daily and our server is protected by a soft- and hardware firewall. Anti-hacking software and a strong DDoS protection secure nC from being hacked or exploited in any way.

    Q: What is the server running on?
    A: Windows 2003 Server with Cisco HW firewall.

    Q: How do I apply for my webspace?
    A: Send a private message to me. Your webspace will be located at http://(your nc nick) No exceptions!

    Q: Is it really free?
    A: Yes, 100%. Feel free to donate to nC so we can keep up paying our host.

    Q: Ive spotted illegal content hosted at nC. How do I report?
    A: Email any nC admin.

    Q: I don't need my webspace anymore. How do I cancel?
    A: PM me.

    Q: I need PHP and SQL support. Can I get it?
    A: Yes, but you need to explain why and what for. We reserve the right to refuse or remove scripting/DB permissions if we spot abuse or excessive usage (CPU/traffic).

    Q: Will my stuff be backup'ed?
    A: Sorry, no. You're responsible for your own data.

    Q: One of my scripts isn't working. Can you help me fixing it?
    A: Short answer: No. We do not have the time to teach you PHP or help you creating a website. Seek help on the internet. The WEBSPACE is UNSUPPORTED.

    Q: How do I access my webspace?
    A: You will receive an FTP account. The login will be emailed to you.

    Q: I forgot my FTP password. What now?
    A: PM me.

    PS: As I'm horribly busy myself, I will announce an admin who is going to take care of all of it soon.
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