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    Default [News] Fukushima

    To load that section i'd like to come back on some of the craziest event of the previous months.

    That earthquake which generated a deadly tsunami and also generated a nuclear accident.
    This was quiete interesting to figure that nuclear industry generally underestimate the risks to keep making a good amount of profit regardless a nuclear accident is concerning the whole planet.

    Finally it made several reactors explosions out of control for weeks generating one of the most dangerous nuclear accident for the people living around.
    Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) raised the Fukushima nuclear crisis to the same level as Chernobyl – from 5 to 7 :
    However not everyone agrees with this increase of the scale as Chernobyl had more consequences over the environment and the population.

    The fact is suppression chambers are likely to have been damaged, which means that the containment would be damaged resulting of plutonium leaks.
    The radiations pushing TEPCO to cool the reactors by seawater (which is physically wrong or less worse than a total fusion) which ended to leak into the sea ( to avoid a complete fusion.


    • The allowed dose for workers on the site was increased to 250 milliSv (normally 20 mSv per year) but still the radiation in the operator room is too high to allow workers in there. 50 workers remain on site, 750 have been evacuated after the explosion at unit 2 and fire at unit 4.

    • The Japanese government also raised the official limits of radiation exposure for children in Fukushima Prefecture, 20 milliSievert per year – the same level as nuclear power plant workers, and twenty times the internationally recognised annual allowable dose for adults.

    • “People in the greater Fukushima area could potentially receive radiation exposure of more than 5 milliSieverts per year, which was the threshold for evacuation at Chernobyl, following the 1986 disaster”, said Greenpeace radiation expert Rianne Teule.

    To open the discussion, we can also remember that India is about to build a future nuclear plant on a sismic area (Jaitapur) ...

    In short what did you think about that event which reveals a big lack of prevention regarding this technology ?
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    i dont understand why they build these things when there is better and cleaner power out there,it seems like they want to do this so they can get rid of some people
    dont it look that way to yall??

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    Nuclear energy is far out dated. There are tons better sources of free energy that would cost shit loads less to build, run and operate. my opinion is letem go for it its always tragic when innocent people die or get hurt due to others ignorance but if these people allow them to go that route than I have no sympathy if shit goes wrong. Maybe we should push nuclear energy upon 3rd world countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan ect and hope to god shit goes terribly wrong lol

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    i agree with asylum, they were ask not to build one but they didn't listen and look what happend.

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    Same in Lithuania, our government is such full of load butthole idiots, they dont even understand what they are doing, prime minister is fucker

    look what we have done, they ruined our economics, now we fucked them 2 years later, fuckers...

    want to build nuclear plant near Lithuania.... They want it, but not us.

    same can happen to us, but they dont listen

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