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    Default Cod7Bot by Pansemuckl

    I hated the game before the hack... Cod7Bot was, as a matter of fact the only reason I purchased PC version of Black ops to begin with.... I honestly tried to give this game a legit shot... but after a while I realized few facts....

    1. I hated the maps ( even the ones from DLC's )
    2. The guns... ( they do look and sound like toys )
    3. The gameplay ( very poor hit-detection and you get that feeling that even old... CoD4 seems to be more dynamic than BO. )
    4. The graphics... and also the fact that I couldn't run Black ops on more than 180 fps... while on MW2 which looks probably even better it goes above 350. ( My thought, poorly ported game from the consoles )
    5. and whole bunch of minor things ( i.e nerfing the snipers )

    I chatted alot with my friends, mainly Deagle and Lolzorus these guys convinced me to try this game once agan but this time with cod7bot... so I did.

    And Boom, Sniping is more exciting than it was in Cod4... this hack is like rsHook for Black Ops... An addon which makes the game worth your time. I don't need to list the things like no-spread, no-recoil, perfect aim-thru... which have been mentioned zounds of times... some of our competitors included them in their hacks too, however there's one significant difference, they don't get owned... they don't rage quit... they simply get swept by our hack.

    Humanized aimbot? you can easily tweak the setting and they will suit your skill like a tailor-made tuxedos.

    You'll be surprised which feature I like the most, OnScreen radar with threat warining... imagine, every time you're visible to your enemy, your screen goes blue.... I mostly play humanized, so I don't need to mention how many times it saved my butt.

    All of it doesn't all, We know that hacks are worth nothing without bypass... Cheating on something that is secured gives you THAT thrill ;] a bypass in this hack is the thing I admire the most...I was blown away by the method and the result.... as since November 2010... this hack has NEVER been VAC detected... literally. Other sites offer you cheaper and poorer version of our hacks... think twice before you'll make a choice because, paying several € more over here is nothing compared to buying new BO key every month... or even a week. A base of 20 TRUSTED-only customers makes you feel even more comfortable safe and secure...

    I know Pansemuckl since march 2003 it's more than 8 years now... since that time I have probably seen every single release made by him whether it was public or private... and I gotta tell you that, he keeps me amazed, it's truly astonishing how he can surpass his own limits through the use of a new methods of clienthooking... When it comes to word Clienthook, Pansemuckl defines it, and so does his latest chef-d'oeuvre, Cod7bot.
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    Im afraid you won't give me your cod7 account anymore, because now you like the game :/ Anyways nice feedback.
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