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Thread: Cod5bot By Pansemuckl!

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    Own4g3 Guest

    Thumbs up Cod5Bot By Pansemuckl!

    Well this hack is worth every penny cheapest cod5hack i have seen around, been on other sites and look at the prices $10 a month you cannot beat that or only $45 a year TOP STUFF

    Here are all the Features For his Cod5Bot :

    Point/Health/Distance/FOV based target selection
    Aim on key/full autoaim
    Aimthruwalls (kill enemies thru walls)
    Location prediction (much better than other bot's)
    Bullet correction
    No recoil
    Priority system for target selection
    Auto shooter
    Aim lock
    Vector/Tag support
    Humanised aiming
    Random aiming

    Player names
    Player distance
    Player weapon
    Player health
    Class icon ESP*
    Grenades/trapmines icon ESP
    Dogs, Tanks
    Artillery, Airstrike
    Bounding boxes
    Playerstate indicator (zoomed, moving)
    Alpha fade with distance, nearby filter
    ESP thruwalls

    See players thruwalls

    Colored models
    Chams, colors customizable
    Threat warning
    Kill stats
    No Shellshock/no flashbang/no fog
    2D radar/direction indicator
    Multikill/headshot messages

    Range and colors customizable
    Multikill sounds
    Spree sounds

    Console spammer (frags, winamp)
    Custom killspam

    Auto vote/kick

    Stealth hooking
    Cvar hide
    Clean screenshots
    Enhanced PB protection
    Dynamic polymorphism (beat PB signatur scans)
    Unique build for every user! Nobody is using your files but you!

    X-Ray proof (other Anti Cheats in development)

    Cvar unlocker


    Winamp spammer

    Instant level up to 65

    Config autosave/load (also by menu)


    Secret tweaks & patches

    Multi-Mod support (works on any COD5 version)

    Easy setup

    - Added no spread (Credits: King-Orgy)
    - Added onscreen radar
    - Improved radar
    - Fixed bug causing the game to crash
    - Added aim_invisible, the invisible aimbot

    For these prices you cannot beat that:

    1 month

    3 months
    US $20

    6 months
    US $30

    1 Year
    US $45

    AMAZING all I can say is pansemuckl keep up that damn good work +10 FOR me

    Netcoders is a small community, which means that they are under low detected rate. (I have never been banned).. this is definitely the friendliest community Around, Support is always there if you have problems. If you have any troubles with hacks or anything you will always have somebody there to help , ICQ,msn, Or even through TEAMVIEWER Good job (Y)

    Community/Support: 10/10

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