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Thread: Cod8Bot review by Mr.M.

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    Default Cod8Bot review by Mr.M.

    I'm an old school E.t player and haven't really played much of the "Call of duty" franchise, but thought i would give it a go.
    I played without the hack for a couple of week and to be honest when I was going up against highly skilled and levelled up players I was easy meat and I found myself getting really frustrated with the game.

    A couple of weeks ago I decided to buy the Cod8Bot by Panse and King Orgy.So i started to do alot of research on the bot.I watched lot's of videos,read the testimonials on the forums etc and being an old school member of this community from back in the day I knew most importantly that I could TRUST Netcoders to supply me with a brilliant product.

    Buying the bot was simplicity itself.Click on "Buy", select Cod8 bot then pay with paypal.I was then redirected to the site and my access to the downloads section was auto updated and I also automatically had access to the support forums.
    Now, one of the best features of any Netcoders prodcut is the support you get once you make a purchase. I'm not going to lie I had a rather big issue with installing and running the bot that was preventing me from running it. I did alot of research myself and with Panse's help (yes , he will take the time to help you!! )my problem was solved. Massive props to support here I thought I was doomed to never use this bot but you got me up and running.

    Now I'm not usually a player that likes to rage a server I prefer to play on a server all night allways ending up in the top 1-3 players every round.Especially with a game like Cod8 where ranking up and earning perks is so important, so my favourite play style is to play "humanised".
    This bot is great in this mode, so long as I let the odd person kill me who I have spotted behind a wall and make sure I don't kill people when they are hidden in smoke etc then I can basically play all night, own the hell out of everyone and NOT ONE person has EVER said anything or accused me of cheating. Now in my mind this is amazing. I'm getting atleast 10-15 more frags than anyone else on the server my rank is a lot lower , there's kill cam repeating every kill I do and not one person is accusing me ...muhahahahaha to be honest.For the humanised features alone this hack is the business.Also in support forums if you wish to play this way they have some amazing setups that will get you going playing "sneaky" mode very quickly.You could even turn off the humanised aimbot and just play with no spread/recoil and the wallhack and you would still own.

    The hud is very nice with an easy to read radar, direction pointers, threat warnings and some really nice looking weapon, grenade etc icons that look really sexy.Automatic menu that appears at the press of a key so you can configure on the fly and you can also create your own configs to run when ever you feel like it.
    Panse and King Orgy have thought of and covered everything here and you will never find a more feature rich bot than this one.

    I actually really enjoy this game now and it's all thanks to this bot, it's made it fun to play.

    If you are looking for a bot that offers , safety (never been detected),features,nice graphics,humanised settings or amazing rage settings and also a bot that is supported by an amazing community and ofcourse amazing programmers then look no further than this bot.
    Cod8 bot is the perfect bot for this game there is no better out there in my opinion.
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